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Episode 117: Dr. Laurel Mines


In a recent episode of Strategy Rewind, your host, Miguel Lebron, delves into an inspiring conversation with Dr. Laurel Mines, the Owner and CEO of Bay Laurel Athletics. Dr. Laurel's journey is a testament to her deep understanding of the physical and mental aspects of athletic performance and her dedication to helping athletes reach their full potential.

Join Miguel and Dr. Mines in this enlightening episode as they explore the synergy between physical and mental excellence in the world of sports. Dr. Mines's journey is a source of inspiration for athletes and sports enthusiasts, and her commitment to their well-being resonates with those who aim to reach their full potential.

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Strategy Rewind with Miguel Lebron
The Strategy Rewind podcast delves into the relationship between goals, strategies, beliefs, and objective breakthroughs. In each episode, our host (and founder of Miguel Lebron Coaching LLC), Miguel Lebron, outlines personal ”breakthrough moments” and features insightful conversations with professionals to provide listeners with ideas, skills, and strategies to use.