Growth Strategy Spotlight
Strategy Rewind with Miguel Lebron
116: Creating Wellness with BE Alink

116: Creating Wellness with BE Alink


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Miguel Lebron is joined by BE Alink as they discuss community, the importance of making wellness accessible to all, and the effect of the transformative power of mobility.

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Want to find harmony?
Creating a healthy balance between technology and personal growth is essential to ensure that we use technology to enhance our lives and promote our well-being.

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Migue Lebron is the founder and CEO of Miguel Lebron Coaching LLC. He focuses on the importance of values and is a father of 3 girls. He currently resides in his home state of Rochester, New York.

Growth Strategy Spotlight
Strategy Rewind with Miguel Lebron
The Strategy Rewind podcast delves into the relationship between goals, strategies, beliefs, and objective breakthroughs. In each episode, our host (and founder of Miguel Lebron Coaching LLC), Miguel Lebron, outlines personal ”breakthrough moments” and features insightful conversations with professionals to provide listeners with ideas, skills, and strategies to use.
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