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013 - Creating Work-Life Harmony

013 - Creating Work-Life Harmony

What is work-life harmony? Work-life harmony is not interchangeable with work-life balance, which I have learned over the years. While the idea of work-life balance is that every aspect of your life would have equal attention, work-life harmony seeks to acknowledge that all parts are essential and incorporate them.

How can we obtain work-life harmony? Communicate with those individuals that are part of your life. The only way those close to you can be supportive is if you communicate; they may not understand fully, but they can at least empathize by sharing. Another way to obtain work-life harmony is by establishing healthy boundaries. Too often we sacrifice essential time with loved ones to try to get ahead on a particulate project. However, it will have been for nothing if you become burned out. Therefore, another strategy to establish that harmony is to manage your actions. 

In 2018, Miguel sat down with the senior pastor of Glory House International, Pastor Malvin Cross Jr. A portion of that 2018 conversation is being shared for the first time anywhere. Pastor Malvin Cross Jr spoke about the harmony needed to maintain the vision alive and avoid burnout.

Strategies mentioned in this episode.
- Create An Orchestra
- Be intentional 
- Set Boundaries 

To connect with Pastor Malvin Cross Jr and Glory House International, Visit

Resources mentioned: "How To Say No," an article written by Miguel Lebron.

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