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012 - Creating A Powerful Daily Routine

012 - Creating A Powerful Daily Routine

Routines shape our life, and they are a good indicator of whether we are in the right direction or not. As we examine our routines and habits, we find golden nuggets of where we are going and what adjustments must be made. 

Our host Miguel Lebron chats with Jose Escobar, the CEO of The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf, about the importance of a day and evening routine and strategies to help you have a breakthrough moment with your habits.

Jose Escobar is the founder and operator of Escobar Enterprises, including The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf (digital products and services for personal growth) and Fat Glass Marketing (social media marketing agency for restaurants and bars).

Strategies mentioned in this episode. 
- Create A To-Do List
- The 60/40 Rule 
- Commit To Your Routine
- Develop A Morning And Evening Routine

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Growth Strategy Spotlight
Strategy Rewind with Miguel Lebron
The Strategy Rewind podcast delves into the relationship between goals, strategies, beliefs, and objective breakthroughs. In each episode, our host (and founder of Miguel Lebron Coaching LLC), Miguel Lebron, outlines personal ”breakthrough moments” and features insightful conversations with professionals to provide listeners with ideas, skills, and strategies to use.